Varieties of California Natural Dog Food

California Natural Dog Food specializes in dry pet food. The combination in the dog food is one protein, one fat and one carbohydrate. It has the least number of ingredients of any type of dry pet food and the combination is ideally created to make a hypoallergic pet food. Dogs have sensitive systems and cheap pet food ingredients like protein fillers can be harmful for pets and are totally avoided in the California Natural Dog Food.

Lamb, Chicken and More

Let us look at some of the products that are a part of the California Natural Dog Food. For each combination of food there is a dry and canned dog food variation. For example there is the California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice dry dog food and there is an equivalent canned version of it. It uses 100 per cent lamb meat with brown rice which is ideal for dogs who may be allergic to typical pet food ingredients. Otherwise white and brown rice as well as sunflower oil are a source of energy for the pet dog.

Just like lamb there is a chicken meal California Natural Dog Food too. It is again combined with a rice formula, preferably brown rice which makes the food tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. This is also available as canned food. High quality and balanced nutrition are maintained in both versions equally.

Lamb and fish like herring and salmon also make up the ingredients of California Natural Dog Food. The lamb meal dry dog food is especially good for less active and overweight dogs. It contains low fat and also lower calories. The herring is easily digestible and lends the proteins and fatty acids to the California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato Adult Dry Dog Food. The nutrients and fiber are supplied by the addition of sweet potato in this formula. Wild-catch salmon and mackerel are also supplied in the canned version as they are very nutritious.

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A new product of California Natural Dog Food is the California Natural Health Bars. They are large bars of baked ingredients which are even fit for human beings. This product is meant for dogs that are allergic to typical pet food ingredients.

Supplement Needed

Of course there are some conflicting reviews and experiences. Though California Natural Dog Food seems to be one of the best dog foods available, besides being commercially available and convenient too, it still may not be suitable for some dogs. Additionally, it may even need to be supplemented, as it is sometimes considered not to be a completed diet.

Dogs need to be fed and looked after well. The pet owners have the responsibility to read the labels thoroughly and choose the correct food for their dogs. Even the California Natural Dog Food, which is safe, does not guarantee a complete nutrition and may have to be supplemented with raw or freshly cooked ingredients.