Breeder Ethics For Both Stud Owners & Female Dog Owners

Although courtesy is not a requirement of dog breeding, ethical, caring breeders become more successful as their reputation spreads. These are some suggestions for female dog owners who are seeking to work with a stud dog owner:

1. Call on the first day of season and make an appointment. Even though your female dog might not cooperate immediately, the stud owner will have a general idea of timing.
2. Have the vet culture your dog and check for stricture, abnormalities, and season status.
3. Inform the stud owner about any idiosyncrasies of the female’s personality or her cycle.
4. Exchange pedigrees.
5. When shipping the female, call to let the other party know she has embarked or landed safely.
6. Present your female in good health, with no parasites, and immaculately clean.
7. Pay the stud fee promptly.
8. If your female must stay at the stud’s longer than the average three days, offer to pay board expenses.
9. Notify the stud owner that your dog is in whelp and when the due date is. That is not only courteous, but smart. He may have some interested buyers.
10. Notify the stud owner when your dog whelps, and give statistics on the litter: number, sex, color, any abnormalities. Also, inform of a miss.
11. Don’t blame the stud or, conversely, take all the credit for everything. It takes two to triumph or to flop, as the case may be.
12. Don’t blame the stud for the size of the litter or the sexes. The sex split is a matter of luck and timing. Litter size is often hereditary.

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Now here are some suggestions for stud owners:

1. Refuse any female dog that is unsound or of very poor quality. Your stud will receive at least fifty percent of the blame for the results.
2. The same rules on shipping – as stated above – hold true.
3. The same rules above on health and cleanliness also hold true.
4. When the female is in your care, she is your responsibility. You must provide good food, attention, security, and medical treatment if necessary.
5. An unproven male often stands at stud for a smaller fee than the going rate, or for no fee until the female shows in whelp.
6. Two breedings forty-eight hours apart should be offered when a male is used rarely, to obtain mature sperm. Since ovulation is so iffy and hard to predict, especially with a maiden, two breedings are often given if the male’s calendar allows.
7. Although the burden of proof is on the female, most stud owners give a return in case of a miss.
8. If the breeding is not perfect, rest the dog and try again in a couple of hours, and/or offer another breeding in two days.
9. If a breeding cannot be obtained, discuss alternative choices with the female dog’s owner.
10. Not at all necessary, but extremely generous, is a return breeding for no fee or a reduced fee in case of a smaller litter or one that does not survive the nursery.
11. If a puppy has been contracted in lieu of a stud fee, decide what happens in advance, if there is only one pup – or none.