A Question About Dog Inoculations

“People have warned me that if I have my dog inoculated against distemper or other diseases that I will actually give him these diseases. Is this true?”

All vaccines are made from the bacteria or viruses of the disease, but they are either given in a dead form or so weak that the disease cannot be given to a puppy. What does happen is that in receiving these harmless doses, the puppy builds up an immunity to the disease in question by manufacturing antibodies. Therefore you can quite safely have your puppy protected against disease by having it vaccinated at nine weeks old and by giving it booster doses at intervals of two years or according to your vet’s advice.

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Be sure to have the inoculation given to the puppy in the flank. A lot of dogs have given their first bite when being done in the shoulder. Hold the puppy under your arm so that it can’t even see the vet giving the injection from behind your arm. You should try to get your puppy to be friendly with the vet, so that its pulse doesn’t race with fright when he comes. Inoculations should be given when the puppy is in good health.