A Crate And A Bed For Your New Puppy

Your puppy needs a crate. It is his private, personal, snug den where he can sleep, chew a toy and watch the world around him, completely undisturbed. Crates come in two styles: closed (fiberglass) or open (wire). The closed crate is draft-proof, but some puppies as well as their owners want to be able to see more. The open variety offers this visibility, but most dogs like the crate covered, especially while they are sleeping.

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Either type must be placed away from drafts and sources of heat or air conditioning. Regardless of which style you decide on, it is important to get the correct size. Gauge the adult size of your pup and get a crate that will just allow him to stand and lie down. If that size gives him more space than he needs for the next couple of months, use an adjustable barrier that can be moved back as needed.

For large breeds, it may be wiser to have a crate suitable for up to six months of age, and then get the one that will last the dog a lifetime. The best puppy bedding is a folded bath towel, one that is washable or disposable in case of accidents.